La Mothe Chandeniers

Located in France’s most famous valley, the castle of la Mothe Chandeniers is a uniquely romantic landmark, stunningly crafted, shrouded in mystery and spectacularly taken over by nature. Throughout its history, its halls have witnessed decadent feasts, silent abandonment, ambitious reconstruction works, a tragic fire and, more recently, an unlikely collection of guardians.

13th century : a castle is built on the grounds by the family of la Mothe-Bauçay.
15th century : the de Rochechouart family acquires the grounds
17th century : during the Fronde uprising, François de Rochechouart is exiled from the King's court. He then turns the castle into a local centre of power and knowledge, where great minds would regularly meet. From 1668, however, the castle is progressively left to wither by its owners.
18th century: the castle is most likely left in a state of abandonment, and even possibly damaged during the French Revolution.

The castle’s 19th century owners, inspired by their time’s architecture, were determined to build a piece of stonemasonry whose majesty would rival that of other great monuments of the Val de Loire such as Blois, Chambord or Azay-le-rideau. Thus, it is at great cost and with exquisite taste that the castle was rebuilt on older foundations. While little is known of the project’s architect, the impressive quality of the materials and craftsmanship that remain today lead us to believe that many talented stoneworker and artists have participated in the construction effort.

On March the 13th,

1932, a tragic house fire destroyed most of the castle. From then on, its grounds have been taken over by nature, with trees and vines growing on and around the building’s walls. For 85 years, the stone giant of la Mothe Chandeniers would sink into a lonely slumber, the memory of its glory days but a distant dream.

In 2017,

Dartagnans and Adopte un Château, a small group of young people hell-bent on preserving the region’s heritage decided to go on a fool’s errand: a crowdfunding campaign to save the landmark. In a few short months, the gamble proved a winner for the castle of la Mothe Chandeniers and its now 25,000+ owners.

The Mothe Chandeniers limited company and its shareholders are committed to seeing the castle reborn from its ashes, whilst preserving its unique identity as a man-made structure partly taken over by nature – truly one of the most romantic castles in the world.